About Me

rob-sunny_medI work with adults in individual therapy and couple therapy.  Half of my practice has been with couples for most of thirty-five years. My specialty in working with couples includes helping with concerns related to parenting and your relationships with your children.

My commitment as a couple therapist is to bring everything I have learned and everything of myself to help you find your best selves in and through your relationship to each other. As a couple therapist I help you find ways to share the more vulnerable experiences and feelings that strengthen your bond and bring you closer. I help you become experts at untangling and stepping back from the patterns and processes in which you get stuck. I aim to help you deepen your connection so that you can always know how to get to the source with your partner. Read more about how I think about couple therapy.

In individual therapy the relationship we develop becomes a context in which you can think and feel about your relationship to yourself and to others. I bring a practice life of commitment, creativity, genuine engagement, and also the flaws of my own humanity.  I think with you about your experience from a psychodynamic, contemporary, relational psychoanalytic frame of reference, but I have been strongly influenced by the experiential, somatic, expressive and narrative therapies and take an active approach, doing whatever is practical, to help you connect with your deepest and most true self. I see psychotherapy as an enormously valuable gift, not only in healing painful experience, but also in creating a meaningful life.

I have loved my work as psychotherapist for more than thirty years. When I count it up, though, I have been involved in the world of helping and psychotherapy for almost 50 years. (I started young!) I was reading at fifteen about psychotherapy. I was in process and therapy groups out of interest as much as my own struggles growing up when I was sixteen. I took part in transpersonal groups with Laura Huxley in the mid-sixties and took part in a racism encounter group later in that decade. I was a coordinator of a peer-counseling program on the UC Davis campus in the early seventies and a little later a houseparent at group home. This was all before earning my Bachelors Degree and there was much more. When I found my way to my formal path as a psychotherapist, after teaching for a handful of years, I knew I was in my calling. I don’t mean calling in a puffed up way. I mean it in the sense of finding the deepest meaning in being involved in the things of heart and soul. I mean it in the sense of deep fit. I don’t mean it in the sense of perfection. I make regular errors and look back every five years to see how much I did not yet understand.

I know I can’t, but would like to figure it all out before the end of my life. I never stop learning. I always continue to read, go to workshops and seminars, connect with colleagues to learn and share. For the past handful of years I have been in the midst of intense learning, working to fully integrate the EFT model of couple therapy (Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy). In April, 2013 I earned my Certification in this model. This model is close to the way I have worked for a very long time, but there are significant nuances in the model which help couples go farther and more quickly. This model is the most well researched model for working with couples, showing to be effective consistently with 75% of couples.  I am very enthusiastic about it’s effectiveness, finding my couples making better progress more often.

Thank you for looking over my website,

Robert Ogner,  July 5th, 2016