Comic Blog

I am experimenting with comics as a way to convey, with images and less words, the struggles we all have when we are not sure we will find important qualities of attachment, like belonging and regard in our relationship. Helping partners experience and respond to each others deepest attachment needs is the emotional heart of couple therapy.

Family and friends let me photograph them to try to convey images of couple situations. I want to use images instead of words because I think it is more emotionally evocative. I alter the photos to sketch or comic art so that the reader might be able to identify with the experience more. (As a sketch they can be more symbolic of the every man and every woman aspect of being in a relationship. I can’t draw emotional expression well enough to show what I want to show, so use software to alter the photographs.) Please remember that if you recognize my family members or my friends that these situations do not represent their relationship. They are only acting for me.