Couple Relating

Show Your Moves   More Connection! More Collaboration! More Coordination!

More Connection!
More Collaboration!
More Coordination!

I hope these short articles will be helpful to you. You might read them to one another, as food for thought.  A little thinking together about your relationship can go a long way. When you develop a shared understanding of your difficulties your sense of working together can bring you a little closer. Working together on the hurt between you can build a little hope.Your shared attention to your problems may tweak your experience of the trouble just enough to slow negative momentum.

I hope the articles will offer perspectives on how change in your relationship can happen. I would like you to know some things about what couple therapy tries to do and how it helps. Perhaps the articles will help you develop a sense of what you would like to accomplish in your couple therapy.

I’d like this website to be very helpful to you in thinking about your relationship and in thinking about how couple therapy can help.

My therapy offices are in Westlake Village and Encino. I’ll also make a referral for you to good and experienced therapists in the greater Los Angeles area and also in the areas of Sacramento, S.F. Bay, and Davis, California where I practiced for 25 years.

Thanks for checking out some of my articles,

Robert Ogner