Meet Let me introduce myself:-)

Hi, That’s me over there, Robert, ready to help!

A few personal words about myself as therapist and marriage counselor:  I have been helping couples and individuals since 1981. Meeting you where you hurt and helping you with what hurts became a way of life long ago. You will find a real person in me, genuine in my response, caring and resourceful in my efforts. And you will find that I am very ready to look at my misunderstandings and the mistakes I make in my effort to help you. I see us as in this together. I feel my responsibility for what happens in every interaction with you.

 The work of helping you fills me with meaning and grows my capacity for empathy and compassion. I think a therapist should never feel as if he or she has arrived. Every new moment of learning, good as it is, still requires me to understand more of what I haven’t yet understood about myself, about a way things work for someone I’m helping, and about how therapy helps. I can see, now, after many years that this will always be the way it is for me.  I see us learning together and see myself as a quiet laborer  working alongside you in the vast and meaningful spaces inside the small and large experiences of our lives.

After meeting, you might find that I do not fit for you as a therapist. And if that happens you will find that it matters immediately to me that I find you someone who is a better fit.