Getting Your Men’s Group Off The Ground

Here’s one very effective way to form a Men’s Group that will build cohesiveness and connection: Invite 2-3 men with who you want to develop friendship to help you form a group. Each of them invites 2-3 men with who they want to build more friendship. Your group will begin with some cohesiveness and familiarity. I’ll facillitate your first several meetings or as many as you’d like to help you get a good start in forming a group that will have depth, fun, support and meaning . One of the important benefits of a men’s group is that it can strengthen marriages and relationships with your children. Call or email Robert for help in starting.

Men’s groups can ameliorate the sense of emotional isolation that most men are very used to experiencing. A men’s group can broaden a man’s experience of himself. A man becomes more able to identify and experience his need for connection with those he loves. Men’s groups help men be more emotionally available to wives and children.

Location, schedule and fee to be arranged. Contact: Robert Ogner